Maintenance Services


Maintaining your home

We are committed to maintaining and caring for your home according to the same high standards of quality and service by which it was built. Quillin Maintenance is available to meet any needs that may arise in the repair, maintenance and improvement of your home. The service can be as minor as adjusting a cabinet door or as major as planning and overseeing a technically complex renovation or addition involving a number of subcontractors.

Lifetime Commitment to Service

We provide these services with our in-house staff of maintenance technicians and pre-qualified specialty subcontractors who possess the same depth and experience as the original builders of your home.

Maintenance Technicians

Our maintenance technicians can perform basic repairs to electrical, plumbing and gas systems, provide finish services, and deal with many other situations that may arise. Because of their broad experience, they can make a wide variety of repairs immediately, thereby reducing client costs for return trips or the hiring of costly specialty subcontractors for simple repairs.


Our subcontractors have been selected from the same group of contractors who build the high-quality homes for which we are known. They have been screened to verify not only that they meet our standards for delivering quality work and service, but also that they are equipped to handle the demands of this type of service work and share our “Lifetime Commitment to Service.”

Value Added Services

Client needs vary tremendously. Some prefer to schedule their own maintenance work, requiring only an occasional phone number for a specific trade or advice about a service. Others, however, wish to work with a single contact person who will supply the necessary assessment, research, scheduling and supervision. In both cases, Quillin Maintenance is prepared to provide the appropriate level of assistance needed.

Addressing a work item requires situation assessment, pricing, soliciting client input, scheduling and supervision. Individual clients place a different value on each service. In every situation, we are committed to performing only those tasks, which provide you appreciable value in the care and improvement of your home.



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